DRZ Capital - Local and International Investments in Equity, Debt and Property Markets.


Investment - Equity and Property

DRZ Capital is a private investment company which recognises investments as a long term game. Our portfolio is built using a hybrid system of passive investment assets together with actively managed assets, seeking to create alpha whilst keeping risk at a low level. 

DRZ Capital believes in efficient markets. Thus the majority of investments are in Index linked products and direct property holdings. A smaller percentage of investments are in individual stocks where quantitative analysis indicates that more value can be created.


DRZ Properties Accepts Crypto

Our value proposition is to be at the forefront of technology. Blockchain and crypto currencies have taken over the world by storm. In 2018 we decided to start accepting crypto currencies as payment in exchange for property. If you have invested in crypto and now want to transfer some of your investment into a more traditional asset, drop us a line and get in touch. Our professional team will guide you through property selection, payment process and related legal matters to get the property registered in your name.