Your partner in real estate and finance

DRZ Group started operating primarily in the property and construction industry, quickly expanding by adding financial investments and consultancy to their list of services.


DRZ Capital

DRZ Capital - Local and International Investments in Equity, Debt and Property Markets.


DRZ Ventures

Entrepreneurs aim high and their vision requires financial and human capital to turn into success. DRZ Ventures supports in the acquisition of financial capital by connecting fast growing companies with investors to enable successful ventures.

DRZ Ventures is committed to provide efficacious due diligence of proposals presented. Our analysis and understanding of markets allows us to shape the return/risk profile of projects to match the expectations and needs of investors.

Our professional team offers expertise and cultivates motivation. Our forward-thinking approach drives us toward investing in innovative notions, ideas and technologies.

Current projects include blockchain KYC, real estate, retail services and human resources. If you are looking for professional advice on how to make your dream a reality, contact us to schedule an appointment.


Consult with us

DRZ Consultancy is made up of an experienced and qualified team of professionals providing cutting edge advice in the following areas:

  • Finance and financial risk
  • Security and risk management
  • Human Resources services
  • Technology & Innovation